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Max Planck Guest Laboratory

Max-Planck Heart and Lung Laboratory (MP-HL lab)

The research of the Max-Planck Heart and Lung Research Group (MP-HL lab) focuses on the mechanistic bases of hypoxia, senescence, inflammation and repair of the cardio-pulmonary system.
The MPI of Heart and Lung Research is joining forces and sharing tools with IBioBA's research expertise in the field of cerebral abnormalities and neuro-vascular diseases.

Research topics include among others:

  • The role of the RSUME-VHL-HIF axis in hypoxia and ischemia driven diseases of the cardio-pulmonary system.
  • Role of the RSUME-NFκB axis in inflammatory lung diseases.
  • Cytokines in senescence.
  • Computional chemistry and drug design in the context of G-protein coupled receptor ligands.
  • The role of macrophages and their functional phenotypes in acute lung injury and repair mechanisms.

  • Contact MPI-HL research group:
    Group Head
    Prof. Werner Seeger - wseeger@ibioba-mpsp-conicet.gov.ar
    Mareike Gierhardt (Hypoxia) - mgierhardt@ibioba-mpsp-conicet.gov.ar
    Dr. Balachandar Selvakumar (Injury and repair) – bselvakumar@ibioba-mpsp-conicet.gov.ar

    This laboratory functions at and is affiliated to IBioBA