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Seminars at IBioBA


Seminar at IBioBA.
Monday 23, October, 12:00 hs.
Guest: Dra. Cristina Marino Buslje. Jefa del Laboratorio de Bioinformática Estructural. FIL, CONICET.
Title: "Co-mutation and exclusion analysis in human tumours, a means for cancer biology studies and treatment".

See previous seminars in the attached pdf.

The IBioBA celebrates the Nobel Prize in Medicine awarded to Prof. Michael Rosbash


Prof. Michael Rosbash of Brandeis University, Boston, has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology / Medicine today. We congratulate Prof. Rosbash, who visited IBioBA last Friday, September 29, invited by Dr. Damián Refojo.

Follow the link to see the publication in CONICET web site.

Scolarships to attend the Buenos Aires Conferences on Autophagy 2017


The IBIOBA invites students from Mercosur to apply for scholarships, in the frame of the FOCEM Biomedicine Project, to attend the Buenos Aires Research Conferences on Autophagy 2017.

Follow the link for further information about the Conferences on Autophagy:

Follow the link to apply for scholarships to attend the Conferences on Autophagy:

Visit to the IBioBA of the Minister of Science of the State of Brandenburg


The IBioBA received the Minister of Science, Research and Culture of the State of Brandenburg, Dr. Martina Münch, along with the President and Vicepresident of the Potsdam University, members of the German Embassy in Buenos Aires and the Hospital Alemán de Buenos Aires. During the visit, the delegation had the opportunity to talk with the Director, Researchers and Technicians of IBioBA.

Follow the link to see more pictures of the visit in our Facebook

Facebook IBioBA

Conversation with ISEN students


As a follow-up to the visit to IBioBA by the students of the Foreign Service Institute of the Nation (ISEN) in May, IBIoBA, through Dr. E. Arzt, participated in a conversation with them at ISEN´s facilities.

Visit of Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel


During her official stay in Argentina, the Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Angela Merkel, visited us at the Polo Científico and gave a lecture to young scientists and students.

During her conference, Dr. Merkel emphasized the importance of the scientific cooperation between our countries, highlighting the role of our Institute.

Interview to Dr. Arzt


The News Agency from the Leloir Institute has interviewed Dr. E. Arzt
on occasion of his visit to the Leloir Institute for the invited
Cardini Seminar.

(the link is in Spanish)

Students from ISEN visited the IBioBA


Students from the Foreign Service Institute of the Nation (ISEN for its name in spanish) from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina visited the Institute in the frame of an activity of the National Direction of Cooperation and Institutional Integration (DNCII) of the MINCyT and the ISEN. Future diplomats had contact with different aspects of research performed at our Institute.

IBioBA Publications


Two recent publications of the Institute were highlighted by CONICET, that interviewed the two groups that generated the publications, Dr. Carolina Perez Castro and Dr. Susana Silberstein. Follow the links to see the notes on the CONICET web site.

¿Cómo se origina y se desarrolla el tumor cerebral?

Un nuevo jugador en la respuesta al estrés

Seminars 2016 at IBioBA


During the 2016 IBioBA Seminar Series, national and international invited speakers lectured, and joint activities have been performed with the other Institutes at the Polo.

All the seminars that have been held on during this cycle are listed in the attached PDF.

CONICET interviewed Professors Jëckle and Gruss


In the frame of the Symposium Frontiers in Bioscience 2, CONICET interviewed Herbert Jäckle and Peter Gruss about their perspective on the IBioBA and science in Argentina.

Symposium Frontiers in Bioscience 2 organized by IBioBA


The Symposium "Frontiers in Bioscience 2" was held at the Cultural Center of Science (C3) from November 17th to 19th, which covered current topics in biological sciences presented by prestigious scientists of the Max Planck Society of Germany and important Argentine research centers.

More than thirty Directors of Max Planck Institutes attended the Symposium as speakers, with the outstanding presence of Dr. Erwin Neher, Nobel Prize Laurate in Medicine in 1991 for the development of new techniques of research in cell biology.

On Friday 18, a public ceremony was held in which Dr. Tobias Bonhoeffer, Director of the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology, presented a public lecture on neuroscience referred to memory.

November 9-11 - Scientific Advisory Board at the IBioBA


In the frame of the biennial evaluation as a Max Planck Partner Institute, the IBioBA underwent its second scientific evaluation by the international Scientific Advisory Board.

Scientific Advisory Board members attended to the presentations of the scientific projects currently being developed at the Institute and talked with research group leaders, researches, technicians, PhD 
students and postdocs about their projects and the activities developed at the Institute.


Visit of German parliamentarians to IBioBA


The IBioBA received a group of German parliamentarians integrated by: Kai Gehring, Sybille Benning, Tankred Schipanski, Maria Anna Schieder, Rainer Spiering, Ralph Lenkert and Andreas Meyer. They were guided by Mario Rossi and Antonia Burgin, researchers at IBioBA, along with a delegation from the German Embassy.

Invitación Licitación 001-2016 IBioBA-CONICET-MPSP


El Instituto de Investigación en Biomedicina de Buenos Aires – CONICET – Instituto Partner de la Sociedad Max Planck invita a presentar cotización para la Licitación con objeto:

“Contratación de servicio para retiro, tratamiento y disposición final de residuos patogénicos (Y1)”

Interesados en participar podrán retirar los pliegos de condiciones generales y específicas por la siguiente dirección:

Oficina de Coordinación Administrativa (OCA) -CONICET- Parque Centenario
Av. Ángel Gallardo 470 – 2° piso-Oficina OCA
(C1405ZAA) CABA.

Horario: Lunes a Viernes desde las 10:00hs hasta las 15:30hs (Excepto día 7/10 que no se atenderá al público).

Los pliegos podrán retirarse o consultarse hasta el día 17 de octubre de 2016 en el horario de 10 a 15.30 hs

Para consultas administrativas podrá escribir a oca-parquecentenario@conicet.gov.ar.
Para consultas técnicas específicamente deberá poner en copia a Administración IBioBA a través de la siguiente dirección de mail: administracion@ibioba-mpsp-conicet.gov.ar

Fecha límite para la recepción de ofertas: martes 18 de octubre 2016 hasta las 10hs según instrucciones en los pliegos.

Symposium Frontiers in Bioscience 2


The registration to the second Meeting Frontiers in Bioscience, organized by the IBioBA with the Max Planck Society, is now open.

For further information about the event and the registration process, follow the next link:

Symposium Frontiers in Bioscience 2

Visit of Novo Nordisk CEO to IBioBA


The Chairman of the Board of Novo Nordisk, Sr Göran Ando and the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark in Argentina, Mrs. Grete Sillasen, visited the Institute along with a Danish delegation, accompanied by Lic. Mariano Jordán, Director of Institutional Cooperation Integration of MinCyT. During the visit they had the opportunity to talk with researchers and technicians of IBioBA.



A recent publication of the group of Susana Silbertein in J Cell Biology shows that in the neuronal signals the message is important but also were and when it is started.

The work has been commented in a “Spotlight” article “Spatial resolution of cAMP signaling by soluble adenylyl cyclase” by G Caldieri and S Sigismund, J. Cell Biol. 214:125-7, 2016.

This publication is a new important collaboration of our Institute with the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry in Munich.

Inda C, dos Santos Claro PA, Bonfiglio JJ, Senin S, Maccarrone G, Turck CW, Silberstein S.
Different cAMP sources are critically involved in G protein-coupled receptor CRHR1 signaling.
J. Cell Biol. 214:181-95, 2016.

Berthold Prize to Eduardo Arzt


The German Society of Endocrinology awards every year from 1980 the Berthold-Medal which is the most important Prize from the Society (www.endokrinologie.net/berthold-medaille.php), given to national and international prestigious endocrinologists. The Prize, in honor of Arnold Adolf Berthold, provides also the distinction of the Berthold-Lecture, given by the awardee in the DGE annual meeting.

This year, the Berthold-Medal has been given to Prof. Dr. Eduardo Arzt, at the D-A-CH TAGUNG, a joint meeting of the German, Austrian and Swiss Endocrinology Societies, in Munich, May 26, 2016.

Minister of Science and Technology of Ethiopia visited the IBioBA


Proff Afework Kassu Gizaw, State Minister of Science and Technology of Ethiopia, along with a delegation of ethiopian scientists, visited the IBioBA accompanied by Dr. Patricio Yankilevich and Dr. Nara Muraro.

Visit from the BMBF to IBioBA


The Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research Thomas Rachel, along with a delegation and the German Ambassador Bernhard Graf von Waldersee, visited the IBioBA and had a meeting with Director Dr. Eduardo Arzt and Dr. Philippe Bastiaens, Director at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Physiology in Dortmund, who is at the IBioBA due to collaborations between the Institutes. They had also the opportunity to meet two young Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research, Bad Nauheim, Germany, that are establishing their research groups at IBioBA.

Minister of Science of Brazil, Dr. Celso Pansera visited the IBioBA


Dr. Celso Pansera, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation in Brazil, along with a delegation of scientists, authorities and the Brazilian Ambassador Dr. Everton Vieira Vargas visited the IBioBA accompanied by MinCyT authorities. The Director of IBioBA Dr. Eduardo Arzt, together with IBioBA scientists received them and talked about present and further collaborations of the Institute.

Minister of State Prof. Ph.D. Maria Böhmer visited IBioBA


Prof. Ph.D. Maria Böhmer, Minister of State in the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, visited the Institute and talked to the Researchers, Technicians and Scholars about their research at IBioBA and the scientific collaboration with Germany.

Seminars 2015 at IBioBA


During the 2015 IBioBA Seminar Series, national and international invited speakers lectured, and joint activities have been performed with the other Institutes at the Polo.

All the seminars that have been held on during this cycle are listed in the attached PDF.

TWAS Prize


Dr. Eduardo Arzt was awarded with the TWAS 2015 Prize in Medical Sciences.

TWAS has announced the winners of the TWAS Prizes for 2015 at the Academy's 26th General Meeting in Vienna, Austria.

TWAS 2015 winners announcement

Educational activity with students of the Pestalozzi School at the IBIoBA


Students form the Pestalozzi High School visited IBIoBA in the frame of the agreement on educational cooperation between IBioBA and Pestalozzi Cultural Association. During the visit the students attended a lecture on the research activities of the Institute, visited the laboratories, and performed a technical educational work to introduce them into the biomedicine.

High school students from the 'Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires' visited the IBIoBA


High school students from the 'Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires', participants of the extra-curricular workshop "The room of the Flies", visited the IBioBA. These are students in 3rd to 6th grade highly motivated by science and in particular by the use of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster as an experimental organism. Dr. Nara Muraro, which conducts at the IBioBA research related to the neurobiology of sleep, gave them a talk on the many experimental possibilities available with Drosophila in neuroscience research. After, the students and their teachers, visited the IBioBA facilities.

Max Planck International Neuroscience Symposium & Workshop


The International 2015 Neuroscience Symposium "Synapses and Circuits" was held with more than 200 participants on September 3rd to 4th.

On September 2 the Workshop with 50 students from Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, took place at the IBioBA.

Both were performed in the frame of the FOCEM - Mercosur Biomedicine project.

Below are detailed the announcements and programs from the Workshop and Symposium.

Link Workshop: www.ibioba-conicet.gob.ar/mpi_neuroscience_workshop2015.html
Link Symposium: www.ibioba-conicet.gob.ar/mpi_neuroscience_symposium2015.html

Previous calls and competition announcements


Previous announcements of IBioBA

Interview in eLife with Antonia Marin Burgin


Due to her recent publication, "Differential inhibition onto developing and mature granule cells generates high-frequency filters with variable gain", eLife doi: 10.7554/eLife.08764 (2015), eLife has published an interview to IBioBA´s Group Leader, Antonia Marin Burgin

Visit of the Vice President of the Max Planck Society, Dr. Bill Hansson, to the IBioBA


The Vice President of the Max Planck Society, Dr. Bill Hansson, visited the IBioBA on July 13-15, 2015, in occasion of the Symposium for the selection of new Research Group Leaders. In this context, he was welcomed by the President of CONICET, Dr. Roberto Salvarezza, and the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Lino Barañao. Dr. Hansson was joined by Drs. Herbert Jaeckle and Dr. Philippe Batiaens, Directors at the MPIs of Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen and the MPI of Molecular Physiology, Dortmund, respectively, and Ulrike Löhr from the General Administration of the MP Society. On September 14, the German Ambassador, Mr. Bernhard Graf von Waldersee, together with authorities of the Embassy, talked about the scientific cooperation with Dr. Hansson at the IBioBA.

Symposium at the IBioBA


On July 13 the Symposium on "Molecular Dynamics on Cell Fate Decision" and " Metabolic signatures", took place at the IBioBA, in the frame of the Max Planck Society - CONICET collaborative program for selection of new Research Groups.

The IBioBA at the 9 IBRO (International Brain Research Organization) Congress


The IBioBA together with the FioCruz organizers the IBRO Satellite Workshop "The Neural Basis of Depression", an activity of the Mercosur/FOCEM program.
The workshop will take place in Rio de Janeiro on July 7, please find more details in the following link:

IBRO 2015 - 9th World Congress

Comment by CONICET of the publication of Dr. Damián Refojo


CONICET highlighted the recent publication of Dr. Refojo

Research Group Leader Positions


Research Group leader positions: In the frame of the collaborative initiative between the Max Planck Gesellschaft (MPG) and CONICET, that takes place between the IBioBA- CONICET- Max Planck Partner Institute, the MPI of Molecular Physiology, Dortmund, the MPI for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen and the MPI for Metabolism Research, Cologne, there are three Research Group Leader positions opened in the areas of:

Two (one at IBioBA , the other at the MPI of Molecular Physiology, Dortmund), in:
Molecular Dynamics of Cell Fate Decision

We are seeking two group leaders that will experimentally investigate the molecular dynamics of cell fate decisions in a collaborative program of the MPG between Argentina and Germany. One position will be located in the Max Planck Partner Institute IBioBA in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and one position in the department of Systemic Cell Biology at the MPI for Molecular Physiology in Dortmund, Germany (www.mpi-dortmund.mpg.de/10065/Ueber_Institut). The applicants should have a research interest in the architecture and dynamics of intracellular signaling networks and how these interact with developmental processes and thereby define identity of healthy and diseased tissues. Ideally, they have a background in experimental live sciences at the interface between molecular biology and applied physics. Typical research topics could be but are not limited to: contextual plasticity of signaling network architecture in tissue development, spatial patterns of proteome activity in multicellular assemblies, the recursive relation between cytoplasmic network states and cell-cell interactions and self-organization of developing tissues in relation to intracellular protein network patterns. The selected candidates will be responsible to maintain a strong scientific interaction between the two institutions and will be involved in the multi-disciplinary training of junior scientists in molecular biology as well as applied physics.

One at IBioBA in:
Metabolic signatures, in collaboration with the MPIs for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen and for Metabolism Research, Cologne.
The applicants should have a research interest in metabolism. His research will focus on the understanding of new signals and transduction pathways involved in the regulation of genes involved in metabolic pathways and energy homeotasis as well as its impact in metabolic diseases. Qualitative and quantitative biochemistry methods for the systemic analysis of those mechanisms at the cellular level, will be used. The selected candidate will work in close collaboration with the Departments of Neural control of metabolism in the MPI in Cologne, and Molecular Develomental Biology in the MPI of Göttingen.

The candidates should hold an advanced degree in either (bio)chemistry, biology, physics, or a related discipline and have at least two years post-doctoral experience. The positions are for a Research Group Leader position limited to 5 years with the possibility of extension after successful evaluation and considering labor law-related and financial requirements. The support includes average salary for the group leader and staff, based (at IBIoBA) on the CONICET rules and salary scale, as well as support for running a research group. Detailed description of the position in Dortmund:

The MPG and CONICET are committed to increasing the number of individuals with disabilities in its workforce and therefore encourage applications from such qualified individuals.
The MPG and CONICET seek to increase the number of women in those areas where they are under-represented and therefore explicitly encourage women to apply.

Applications, indicating to which position, and including curriculum vitae, list of publications, and an outline of previous (1 page) and future research objectives (2 pages) as well as names of referees should be sent electronically as one file by May 2, 2015 to rg2015@ibioba-mpsp-conicet.gov.ar.

Short-listed candidates will be invited to a one-day symposium at which they will have the opportunity to present their research to a Max Planck- CONICET commission. Date and place of the one-day symposium: July 13, 2015, IBioBA, Buenos Aires. For further information please contact: rg2015@ibioba-mpsp-conicet.gov.ar.

Comment in Nature Neuroscience


Nature Neuroscience has published a News and Views about the recent article of IBioBA's Group Leader, Dr. Damian Refojo.

Seminars 2014 at IBioBA


During the 2014 IBioBA Seminar Series, national and international invited speakers lectured, and joint activities have been performed with the other Institutes at the Polo.

All the seminars that have been held on during this cycle are listed in the attached PDF.

Leloir Prize


Prof. Herbert Jäckle, Director from The Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen (https://www.mpibpc.mpg.de/en) and former Vice President of the Max Planck Society, has been awarded with the Leloir Prize by the MINCyT. This award was given to Prof. Jäckle's for his role in the fruitful scientific cooperation with the MPS and the creation of the Partner Institute, IBioBA. Prof. Jäckle received the Prize on November 17, and visited during several days the Institute, together with Dr. Philippe Bastiaens, Director at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology in Dortmund, discussing with us new future collaborative research plans.

Prize to IBIoBA's research


The work "Role and mechanisms of action of RSUME in the regulation of PTTG and impact on pituitary tumor development" from the IBioBA researcher's Fuertes, Mariana; Sapochnik, Melanie; Tedesco, Lucas; Senin, Sergio; Attorresi, Alejandra; Bonfiglio, Juan José; Arzt, Eduardo, has been awerded with the Prize León Cherny to the best Insterdisciplinary work, from the Argentine Society of Clinal Research (SAIC, http://www.saic.org.ar), November 2014.

Max Planck Innovation


The Director of Max Planck Innovation, Dr. Jörn Erselius, and the Patent and Licence Manager from Max Planck Innovation, Dr. Bernd Ctortecka, visited IBioBA and discussed with the PIs, in the frame of their visit to Argentina, organized by the Foundation in support of IBioBA. Dr. Erselius lectured twice, at IBioBA and at the AHK, conferences that were attended by entrepreneurs , scientists and national authorities of Science and Technology.

Visits to the IBioBA


Drs. Aaron Ciechanover, Ron Hay, Jorge A Iniguez-Lluhi, Thomas Jenuwein, Simona Polo and Edward Yeh, visited IBioBA during the week of October 19-24, 2014, on the occasion of their stay in the country during the International meeting, "Ubiquitin & ubiquitin-like proteins: At the crossroads from chromatin to protein, EMBO-CONICET Conference". The guests visited the Institute facilities and discussed with students and researchers about their projects.

The IBioBA celebrates the Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded to Dr. Stefan Hell of the MPS


Dr. Stefan W. Hell, Director at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen - Germany, received today the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his discoveries in the developing of super-resolution optical microscopy.
Dr. Hell visited our Institute in November last year as part of his participation as keynote speaker at the Workshop "Advances of Super-resolution Optical Microscopy", held in CIBION, one of the institutes that are part of the Scientific and Technology Pole.
Currently, Dr. Damian Refojo, IBioBA Researcher, and Dr. Hell participate in a research project (PICT ANPCyT-Max Planck) with Dr. Fernando Stefani, CIBION Researcher and Max Planck Partner Group of Dr. Hell, aimed to study the localization of synaptic proteins by superresolution microscopy techniques.

Dr. Hell´s Seminar at the Scientific Pole, 21th November 2013, "Far-field optical nanoscopy: principles and recent advancements"

Meeting of the Argentina Chamber of Biotechnology at IBioBA


On August 13, the Argentine Chamber of Biotechnology (CAB) met at the IBioBA, with the presence of Minister Dr. L. Barañao and the President of ANPCyT, Dr. F. Goldbaum. At the end of the meeting, members of CAB visited the IBioBA laboratories and discussed possible future collaborations with researches of IBioBA.

Postgraduate course at IBioBA


The postgraduate course Model Systems in Biological Sciences took place at IBioBA, from June 30th to July 4th, 2014, In the frame of the FOCEM project.

Nature, Science in SouthAmeric


Nature has published a report about Science in SouthAmerica, in which the IBioBA is mentioned.

May 19th and 20th - Scientific Advisory Board at the IBioBA


In the frame of the biennial evaluation as a Max Planck Partner Institute, the IBioBA underwent its first scientific evaluation by the international Scientific Advisory Board, accompanied by the Vice-President of the Max Planck Society, Prof. Herbert Jäckle.

Scientific Advisory Board members together with the Vice-President Prof. Herbert Jäckle visited the Institute's facilities, attended to the presentations of the scientific projects currently being developed at the Institute and talked with research group leaders, PhD 
students and postdocs about their projects.

The Vice President of the Max Planck Society visited the IBioBA


The Vice President of the Max Planck Society, Prof. Herbert Jäckle,
visited the Institute and talked with group leaders, technicians and
students about their projects.

Interview with Dr. Mario Rossi


CONICET has interviewed Dr. Mario Rossi, highlighting the UBL research at IBioBA.



The Director of our Institute has been awarded by the City of Buenos Aires, as Personality in Science.

Outstanding Personality of the City of Buenos Aires

Seminars 2013 at IBioBA


During the 2013 IBioBA Seminar Series, national and international invited speakers lectured, and joint activities have been performed with the other Institutes at the Polo.

All the seminars that have been held on during this cycle are listed in the attached PDF.

Course on Structural Biology and Computational Methods


The Institut Pasteur de Montevideo and the Instituto de Investigación en Biomedicina de Buenos Aires-CONICET- Partner Institute of the Max Planck Society, organized a Hands-on course on Structural Biology and Computational Methods, from 11 to 15 November 2013 in Montevideo, in the frame of the FOCEM program. This introductory course made particular emphasis on practical tutorials delivered for nearly 30 students from Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Prince of Asturias Award for International Cooperation to the Max Planck Society


The Max Planck Society has recently been awarded with the "Prince of Asturias Award for International Cooperation". The ceremony took place in Oviedo, Spain, on 26th October 2013. On this occasion, Prof. Dr. Peter Gruss, President of the Max Planck Society, accompanied by the scientists Soojin Ryu, Ali Shahmoradi, Matthias Weisenbacher and Damian Refojo, Max Planck Research Group leader which will soon be incorporated into the IBioBA, received the Prize on behalf of the Max Planck Society from the hands of His Royal Highness Felipe, Prince of Asturias.

Left image:Photos of the Audience held by TRH with the Laureates
Official photograph of TRH the Prince and Princess of Asturias with the Laureates. From the left, bottom row, Cristina Lucchese, representing the ONCE; François Englert; Peter Higgs; Saskia Sassen; Liv Parlee Cantin, representing the ONCE; Michael Haneke; Antonio Muñoz Molina; Annie Leibovitz and José María Olazábal. From the left, second row, Rolf Heuer, Director General of CERN; Miguel Carballeda, Presidente of the ONCE; Peter Gruss, Director General of the Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science; and Soojin Ryu, Ali Shahmoradi, Damián Refojo and Matthias Weiβenbacher, representing the Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science.

Right image: 2013 Prince of Asturias Awards Presentation Ceremony
The representatives of the Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science arriving at the Campoamor Theatre.

Members of the NeuroSur Network visited the IBioBA


Members of the Network NeuroSur, an initiative of the Biomedical Neuroscience Institute of Chile, visited on Agust 30 the IBioBA. Colleagues of Chile and Uruguay discussed about future scientific collaborations, with the researchers of IBioBA in the area of neuroscience.

Course at IBioBA


The Argentinian Diabetes Society organizes a course at IBioBA, 30 and 31 August.
See attached file for further information.

Focem Project meeting


On July 29th and 30th, a meeting in the framework of the Focem Project was held at the Fundación Oswaldo Cruz, Río de Janeiro, with the aim of discussing the advances and planning of the project. Representatives of each institution taking part in the project attended: Dr. Luis Barbeito for the Instituto Pasteur of Montevideo, Uruguay; Dr. Wilson Savino, the Vice-Presidente Dr. Rodrigo Stabeli and other researchers of the Fundación Oswaldo Cruz of Brazil; Dra Norma Coluchi for the Laboratorio Central de Salud Pública del Ministerio de Salud (LCSP) and associate centers of Paraguay and Dr. Eduardo Arzt for the IBioBA-CONICET-MPSP of Argentina.

FOCEM Course


Introduction to Structural Biology and Bioinformatics
(Practical Tips for non-experts)
11th - 15th November 2013, Institut Pasteur de Montevideo, Uruguay
The Institut in collaboration with the The Institut Pasteur de Montevideo, is organizing a basic Hands-on course on Structural Biology and Computational Methods, to take place from 11th to 15th November 2013 at the Institut Pasteur de Montevideo, Uruguay.

See more information in the attached PDF

The Bavarian Minister of Science, Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch visited the IBioBA


The Minister of Science from Baviera State, Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch, together with a delegation including several Presidents from universities of the mentioned State, visited the IBioBA and talked to the group leaders and students.

2013 Konex Awards


The 2013 Konex Awards have been dedicated to Science and Technology and it is an honor for the IBioBA that its Director, Eduardo Arzt, has been awarded with this prize in the field of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Link: Konex Foundation

Delegation from the state of Hessen, Germany, at the Institute


The Minister President of the state of Hessen, Volker Bouffier, with the Ambassador of Germany, Bernhard Graf von Waldersee, and a delegation of academics and scientists from prestigious universities from Hessen, visited the Institute facilities. Afterwards, the Presidents of the Goethe Universität Frankfurt, Prof. Dr. Werner Müller-Esterl and of the Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen, Prof. Dr. Joybrato Mukherjee, together with Prof. Dr med. Katja Becker, the Dean of the Faculty of Science of the University of Buenos Aires, Dr Jorge Aliaga, scientific authorities, members of the Embassy of Germany and group leaders of the IBioBA, discussed possibilities of cooperation projects.

MANLAB visit


Executives from MANLAB laboratory, President Silvia Braier, GM Dra María
Teresa Garimaldi and Manager of Genomic Medicine Dra María Silvia Perez,
visited the Institute facilities together with the Director, Dr Arzt, and Dr
Yankilevich. The group was accompanied by Cristobal Zimmermann, member of
the Embassy of Germany. After the visit, different topics of common
interest, such as epidemiological analysis and personalized medicine, were

Prize to IBioBA PhD student, Carolina Inda


Prize to IBioBA PhD student, Carolina Inda.

CONICET authorities at the Institutes


The President, Directors and Managers of the CONICET visited the International Interdisciplinary Institutes for Innovation. After visiting the facilities of the different Institutes, a toast was made in order to celebrate the kick off of these units (IBioBA, CIBION and CSC) in the new Scientific and Technological Center.

Visit to the Institute


On the occasion of his visit to Argentina, the PStS Dr. Helge Braun- Secretary of State- BMBF of Germany along with other authorities of the BMBF, DAAD, CUAA and Mincyt, and the Ambassador Bernhard Graf von Waldersee with other authorities of the Embassy of Germany, visited the facilities of the Institute.

Agreement between Pestalozzi Cultural Association and the IBioBA


The IBioBA and the Pestalozzi Cultural Association subscribed an agreement on educational cooperation. On the occasion of the signing, authorities of the Pestalozzi school visited the facilities.

The German Chamber of Commerce at the IBioBA


The IBioBA received the German Chamber of Commerce for their periodical meeting. Once the meeting was over, the members of the Chamber, amongst them its President Ing. Enrique Genzone and its Executive President Bárbara Konner, made a visit to the Institute facilities accompanied by the Director, Dr Arzt, and several repatriated researchers that are already working at the IBioBA

Vist of the German Embassy to the IBioBA


The Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Buenos Aires, Amb. Günter Kniess, together with the new economic attaché at the embassy, Dr. Klaus Schmidt, and a numerous delegation of embassy members visited the IBioBA. The group went through the Institute facilities, which creation is the result of a long relationship of bilateral cooperation between the Argentine and German science.

Scientific Visit at the IBioBA


The Argentinian scientist Valeria Judkowski, from the Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies, San Diego, California is currently visiting the IBioBA for a period of 3 months in the framework of the César Milstein Grant of the Raíces Program. During her stay, she will carry out a collaborative project related to the identification of new molecules capable to interfere with the corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) receptor. Given that the regulation of this pathway contributes to the development of neurological pathologies, as anxiety and depression, there is a constant need to identify new synthetic ligands capable of blocking this receptor and thus, with potential therapeutic effects.

Dr. Silberstein laboratory at the IBioBA has developed and made available for this collaboration, a unique assay that allows the evaluation and identification of new molecules capable of blocking the CRH axis. Dr. Judkowski will not only contribute with her experience in the field of drug discovery but also her laboratory will provide a large collection of small molecule libraries specifically for this work. This is a unique opportunity for the field in Argentina since there is an urgent need to identify new effective drugs to treat stress-related mood disorders that are getting more and more frequent nowadays.



In the frame of the starting point for the postgraduate and outreach academic activities of the IBioBA-MPSP, the Symposium "Frontiers in BioScience", organized by the Max Planck Society (MPS) and the MINCyT, took place from April 22nd to April 25th, 2012 at the Scientific and Technological Center ("Polo") in Buenos Aires. More than 25 Max Planck Institute Directors, including two Nobel Laureates, and several scientists from Argentina and Uruguay presented their lines of research throughout the event. Dr. Eduardo Arzt, the Ambassador of Germany, Mr. Günter Kniess, and the Minister of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, Dr. Lino Barañao, talked to the audience at the opening ceremony. Dr. Florian Holsboer and Dr. Herbert Jäckle from the MPS spoke about the history of the creation of the IBioBA and the relationship of the MPS with Argentina. Argentina´s President, Dr. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, attended the event on Monday 23rd and gave a speech to welcome the German delegation, the 50 PhD students awarded to travel to Buenos Aires from different parts of Argentina to attend the workshop and the attendees.

Opening Ceremony


On October 6th, 2011 the opening ceremony of the Institute took place in the frame of the inauguration of the Scientific and Technological Center in Buenos Aires (The "Polo"). Argentina's President, Dr. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the Minister of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, Dr. Lino Barañao and the Max Planck Society's President, Dr. Peter Gruss, presided over the event. From the Max Planck Society its Vice-President, Dr. Herbert Jäckle, and Dr. Florian Holsboer, Director MPI of Psychiatry, were also present at the ceremony. Both national and German political and scientific authorities attended the event, amongst them CONICET's President, Dr. Marta Rovira and ANPCyT's President, Dr. Armando Bertranou; in representation of the German Federal Government, Dr. Helge Braun, Germany´s Ambassador in Argentina, Dr. Günter Kniess and Minister-President of the state of Lower Saxony, David McAllister. Also, national and international scientists and invited guests were present. The speeches highlighted the relevance of this project in the context of the current development of the Argentine science, as well as the contribution of the IBioBA to the relations of our country with Germany.

Opening Ceremony - Visit to the Laboratories of the Institute


Visit to the laboratories of the Institute the day of the Opening Ceremony.
At one of the cell culture laboratories, President Dr. Cristina Ferández de Kirchner together with the Minister of Science, Dr. Lino Barañao and the Director of the IBioBA, Dr. Eduardo Arzt.
The Max Planck Society authorities together with Dr. Arzt visit the laboratories.
Ph.D students and researchers of the IBioBA welcome and greet the President
at the entrance hall of the Institute.