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The IBioBA-MPSP is located in the Scientific and Technological Center (Polo) in Buenos Aires.

The idea of creating the Polo came up in 2005, being materialized with the beginning of its construction in the end of 2009. The Polo holds three main components: administration, knowledge enhancement and dissemination of scientific knowledge.

As the administrative and political hub of the local Science and Technology, it includes the Ministry of Science Technology and Productive Innovation, the National Agency for Scientific and Technological Promotion and the National Research Council (CONICET).

Regarding its role as knowledge enhancer, the Polo has a Research Center called I4, (International Interdisciplinary Institutes for Innovation). The I4 consists of several institutes: the IBioBA, destined to Biomedical Research; another to humanistic sciences, focused on the study of the economy related to innovations and the impact of technology on society; and a third one of Exact and Technological Sciences, specialized in nanotechnologies for their application in biomedicine and computer modeling in engineering and other systems.

Finally, as a science dissemination center, it has open spaces for a better interaction with society, amongst them there will be a Science Museum and an Auditorium for academic events. The general public will have access to these facilities with the aim of being acquainted with science in Argentina.

The Polo has several laboratories to provide young researchers from outside the city and abroad so that they may develop their activities as well as attend courses with national and foreign experts.